SVN repository for the final reportEdit


You should have received an invitation to the repository.


The main file panofski.tex has been updated, so that the LaTeX file can be compiled now! All included files should start with the \chapter{..} or equivalent command and not contain a file header. There can be only one file header in the panofski.tex.


any SVN software will do, the best one is TortoiseSVN which is a lot easier to use than git imho. For Linux there is also RabbitVCS which seems to be similar.

How to (TortoiseSVN)Edit

1) Install the software

2) Right click on the desired folder, select "SVN Commit..." and enter the URL above and username/password

3) On Windows, all versioned files have now overlay Icons, which show the changed state of the file

4) To add a new file select TortoiseSVN -> Add. You can add any type of file, not just tex code!

5) After making your changes select TortoiseSVN ->"SVN Commit...", check if all modified files are listed, write a changelog and click OK.

6) To update, right click on the folder and TortoiseSVN ->Update

7) To diff files: Right click the file, TortoiseSVN -> Diff. It shows both files side by side and highlights the changes

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