Date Morning (7:30-16:00) Day (15:30-00:00) Night  (23:30-8:00) !Don't change the trigger!
06.09.2013 Fri Myriam/Lennart
07.09.2013 Sat Arthur, Ali David, Dominik Nikolai, Michael
08.09.2013 Sun Ali, Matt Lennart, Myriam David, Dominik
09.09.2013 Mon Arthur, Pirmin Matt, Myriam Pirmin, Nikolai
10.09.2013 Tue Micha, Arthur David, Dominik Matt, Nikolai?
11.09.2013 Wed David, Dominik Pirmin, Arthur Lennart, Micha
12.09.2013 Thu Matt, Pirmin Nikolai Myriam, Lennart
13.09.2013 Fri Micha

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