New List, shown in the meeting 09.09.2013: The people in brackets are copied from thhe old list. The subtopics can be divided into more subsubtopics. If you have any coments to that, pls give me response!!!

-->  Where are we putting what weve written? New Bitbucket repository? Or Dropbox?

Theory: Ali

Detectors (Michael, Myriam, Lennart, Matt, Arthur, Pirmin, Ali)
Scintillator:   Lennart, Ali
Theory: Ali
Used ones

Calorimeter:   Myriam, Michael
Used ones

Setup & Area: (David, Domenik)
PSI Beam (general Information)
mechanical setup

DAQ (Matt & Pirmin) more or less complete

Calibration: Calo: Michael, Scintillator: Lennart

Trigger, Veto, ToF: Arthur

"Real Datataking" (Michael, Arthur)

Carbon Target
Carbon and Hydrogren

Data Analysis: (Matt & Pirmin)
fitting method

Results: (Arthur Nicolai, ALL(not writing, just help))
Panofsky ration
Speed of light(?)

Final read-through: Matt ;)

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